Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What's up with the cheesy smile.  Silly boy.

Journaling: (under the large photo)
Living in San Juan Bautista requires a 15 minute minimum drive to pretty much anywhere we go.  When Kelsi and Afton have Activity Days or piano lessons it's no different.  It's definately not worth it to driv hom and then turn right around and go back.  I generally use that time to go grocery shopping, get gas and run other errands; and Brady and I get to hang out together.  He's such a good sport and never complains.  I actually think he likes going to the grocery store and having one on one time with Mom.  We try to make it as fun as we can by counting things at the store, racing with the shopping cart or making up stories about different people or things.  If he wants to, I let Brady pump the gas.  He likes to push the buttons on the ATM machine and look cool pumping gas.

I will miss these times when he gets older, has his own lessons, or just wants to stay in the car or at home. For now I cherish these times and I'm glad I have these photos to remind me of my little Gasboy!

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