Monday, May 3, 2010

Photo Challenge

What a fun thing to do if you like taking pictures. I came across this photo challenge and was able to take pictures of all the assigned pictures during the month of April (except the Fish which I took a while back in the Bahamas)
I loved it! Maybe I'll do it again next time. Maybe you'll want to do it with me

Photos (with categories) below

A Different Perspective

A Perspective Shot






A Sign of Spring


A Letter Formed In Nature (ok, not quite natural, but it's not meant to be a letter)


Fish (Archived Photo)



Mother Earth

Something Rare

Something Healthy

Something Colorful

Something Spicy

Something Triangular

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Hope You Dance! - Afton, Box Album

I made this box with an accordion booklet for Afton, using the lyrics to the song "I Hope You Dance" by LeAnn Womack.  I've always thought they fit for Afton's personality.  The bright colors are a good representation of her too.

What I do

Kid driving, camera toting, hubby loving, scrapbook designing, house cleaning, dog walking, dinner making, stay-at-home mom

My life is to make your life easier
I wouldn't change a thing

as of Sept. 2007

Perfect Excuse 4 A Party

4th Grade
Estaban, RJ, Jacob, Marcus (hidden in back) and Brady played and partied and WHOOPED IT UP! all afternoon on the last day of school!
June 6, 2008

The Making of...

It's so fun to see the cousins work together on these movie projects.  Kelsi is a great writer/director.  Afton, Kaylinne and Brook are willing and talented actresses and even the little kids do a great job despite, bit words, hot weather or tough working conditions.  The making of GREAT MEMORIES!
The making of A Pirate's Life!

100 Miles

October 11, 2008
Condor Classic
Hollister, CA
Loren Dickson
Brad Meyer
Rick Shattuck
100 miles in under 7 hours (barely)

Heidi's Favs

I stamped the blue and pink flowers on transparencies and then painted the back.

My cat Heidi died this year. When I knew the end was getting near I wrote down these things she liked to do. After she died I made this page in her memory.

Heidi's Favs
sitting in the sun
helping me feel better when I'm sad
clawing cardboard
knocking over her bowl
following me around
taking care of Truly
standing up to dogs
coming when I call
playing with her tail
rolling around on the sidewalk
growling at brad