Friday, December 19, 2008


Human nature is so funny and so dramatic.
It cracks mu up that when we have a small inconvience we dramatize and say, "Oh, there's nothing worse than..."  when in reality, there are LOTS of things that are worse.  Of course I have to marvel also when, we as humans, revel in a simple joy and then say, "Oh wow! There's nothing better than..." and for the moment there IS nothing better.  I love being human.
Here are some of my nothings...

Better than:
Good music while I'm cleaning
Costco frozen yogurt
Wearing super cute shoes
The smell of fresh baked bread
Waking up in the night and realizing you still have 3 hours to sleep

Worse than:
Cigarette smoke blown in your face
A cold toilet seat
Forgetting your cell phone in the charger
Having to unload the dishwasher to load it again
Food stuck in between your teeth with no toothpick or floss handy
Stubbing your toe while making your bed
Traveling when you have the flu

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