Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Could they be any cuter?  Like father like son, I believe they say.  I'm glad Brady has such a great role model, and it's awesome that it's his dad.

Protege'- a person guided or helped esp. in the furtherance of his career or future life, by another more influential person.

Dan - Sepia

After working with Dan for many hours getting just the right colors for the new run of Mustard Moon paper.  He cracked us up by letting us know he "got" scrapbooking by tell us that we should now refer to him as "Dan -- Sepia." I have always liked this page even though I don't have it in my possession any more.  I gave it to Dan -- Sepia as at thank-you gift.


A familiar sight.  The front of Grandpa and Grandma Christensen's home. I sadly miss it.

What I Learned This Summer

I love this page.  It is so bright and cheerful.  I'm not usually prone to paper piecing but I couldn't help myself, it just seemed right for this page.

What I Learned This Summer

1. Money burns holes in pockets.
2. Combining resources can help you get what you want.
3. Older sisters are very persuasive.
4. Spending your own money on something makes if funner
5. Things never last as long as you want them to.

Kelsi, Afton and Brady had been earning money in the summer by reading books. They received 25 cents per book.  After a few weeks the money was burning holes in their pockets, but none of them had enough to buy anything very substantial.  Kelsi was dying to have a Slip n' Slide but was miles away from having enough fo it.  Fairly easily, she persuaded Afton and Brady that they wanted one too; and that they should pool their money and buy on together.  They bought the super deluxe model, "The Tropical Limbo." It came complete with blow up palm trees and a 'bamboo' limbo bar. Spending their own money on it made it all the more fun to use. It cost $20 and it was money well spent.  They had a blast with it until, alas, it sprung a leak.